Hey there! I'm Maria. I specialise in B2B Marketing and Tech Content Writing.

I help B2B SaaS companies increase their traffic, grow their leads and boost sales with SEO-driven content and web copy.
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I help B2B eCommerce, SaaS and Marketing Companies by...

  • Creating data-driven and topical conversation-starters
  • Ensuring your readers always benefit and take action through your content
  • Producing actionable pieces that capture readers  at different stages of the buyer’s journey

There isn’t exactly a lot of time to sit down and answer your customers’ questions in the manner you would like to.

So let me do the SEO and topic research for you, to drive leads and sign-ups straight to your inbox.

Are you ready for increased organic searches?

As a content and copy-writer, I work with you to create...

Blog Posts


Web Copy

Email Campaigns

Social Media Marketing 

Encapsulating and evergreen content that sells your products and services

Why not start adding unique value to your B2B content right this minute? 


I’m Maria Prendeville, a B2B SaaS, Marketing & eCommerce Content Writer.

Having studied Business Information Systems and worked in the world’s largest asset management firm, I know a thing or two about how operations work as well as reaching out to help others

I bring this experience to devise B2B sales and marketing components that speak directly to the concerns and needs of your technology buyers.

You’ll have time and energy to focus on building your empire while customers flock to you; the thought leader in your industry. 

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Limerick, Ireland

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