Hey there! I'm Maria. I specialise in B2B Technology, SaaS and Marketing Content Writing.

I help B2B Technology companies increase their traffic, grow their leads and boost sales with SEO-driven web content.
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You want research-backed, customer-focused content, but you’re struggling to find the right flow with your current pieces.


You know great content marketing is key to your strategy, but you don’t have the time or resources  to tie it all together.


You have a structured content marketing strategy, but you could do with a couple more hours in the day to scale and execute it!

Here’s how I can help you


I write customer-centric, data-driven content for B2B Technology, SaaS and Marketing companies.

Let’s cut the fluff. You know your company needs high-quality content. That’s a given! But you need something deeper and more focused:

To connect with the right audience;

Grow your leads and conversions;

Create raving fans who keep coming back for more.

You know content marketing ROI exists, so let me show you how. With super clickable email subject lines through to blog post conclusions that have your readers itching for more, I know what makes your audience tick

I love digging deep into customer pain points, and then creating unique, actionable pieces that solve their problems and boost your bottom line. Having studied Business Information Systems and worked in the world’s largest asset management firm, I know a thing or two about how operations work, as well as reaching out to help others.

I bring this experience to devise B2B marketing content that speaks directly to the concerns and needs of your technology customers.

With my trusted Boring2Blazing Content, your demo sign ups and conversions will be going through the roof.

Some of the epic clients I’ve worked with:

Hey! I’m Maria.

When I’m not translating tech jargon or focusing on your conversion content, I’m probably reading a content marketing or business book.

Yes, I do love to immerse myself in all things marketing so I can help your tech company reach those customer, conversion and brand goals!

In the other two hours of the day you’ll find me walking my dog, lifting weights or buying even more stationary. Because a writer can never have enough stationary. 🙂

Click on if you’d like to know more about me, check out my portfolio, or how we can work together as an awesome team!




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