Maria Prendeville, Freelance B2B Content Writer, Tech Nerd and Dog Lover.

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Information Systems, where my modules spanned across Networking and Cloud Computing, Database Management, Information Protection and System Security, as well as Web Development and Java.

Soooo I guess you could say I have an avid interest in all things tech and Industry 4.0!

The buying landscape has changed for B2B tech firms, as more millennials have a say in the sales funnel.  Using the right phrases and SEO tools doesn’t have to be complicated, but having the knowledge can better prepare you for future marketing.

After all, you are still selling to real people – I will give your content pieces a human voice 

And these real people have little time on their hands…. so what they read has to be thought-provoking, actionable and quick-hitting

Having interned at the world’s largest asset management firm, I have an in depth knowledge of helping clients achieve what they want.

I understand technology is ever-expanding, but being able to break this down into relatable terms and thrilling content is where the magic happens!

Working to help people understand the software they are using, and then in turn learning about how to make new developments in these IT systems has enabled me to interpret both the customer and the seller.


Why Me?


At this point you’re probably wondering what makes me stand out from all the other B2B Tech writers on the interweb!


I write, not to spew out boring ol’ drivel for webpages, but to actually tell a story for you and to draw your customers in.


You can no longer get away with writing for the sake of providing content.



Contact me below for any inquiries you may have.

I respond within 2 business days.

Fun Facts

As well as helping you reach and win with your clients, I also like to help people in my community! 

I have set up a running group; comprising about 30 people where we run 6km routes every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, in our local area! 

I have also run two marathons; the Dublin City and Cork City Marathons.

As part of the tourist office and Civic Trust in my hometown, I take on the secretarial and Public Relations Officer role. 

In my spare time, I like to paint acrylic landscapes and cities. I like to keep moving, but sitting down to paint helps bring out my creative side and is a nice way to relax! 


Limerick, Ireland

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