“Just focus on the next….. rung? I don’t even know what they’re called!”

“If she lets that rope go and I fall…..”

“I’m higher than a two storey house right now!”

These were just a few of the thoughts spiralling through my head last Friday evening in the Suas Climbing Centre in Limerick. My friends and I decided to take up another new hobbie, because you know, COVID stopping us from doing normal things and what not.

We’re not complaining though, except of course if we fall off the climbing wall and one of us isn’t quick enough to hold the rope steady…

What I do love about climbing is the sheer concentration and focus you’re enveloped in because you’re 5 metres up off the ground. Besides those few thoughts spiralling every so often, it’s a sweet feeling to be working in tandem with your partner on the ground. They have to keep the rope taut so you can continue your ascent up the wall (the bigger the wedgie the better in my opinion!), and you’re only focusing on finding the next ledge to grab hold of. The next rubbery-chalky-crimp to place your foot on (yes, I did google the names of rock climbing edges!).

I was doing some research yesterday into this year’s top digital marketing trends using Gartner’s Hype Cycle (you can find the free download here). Visual search for marketing, customer data ethics (is this not a given?!) and real-time marketing are just a few of the trends to name.

If you’re in the content marketing world, you’ll know it’s a constant quest to keep up with the latest trends. I guess because we’re online all the time, and there’s simply so much information on how to produce top-quality content, that it then feels like we’re not keeping up at all.

For the writers and content marketers in any sphere out there, it’s important to treat your work like you would the climbing wall. Keep both feet firmly fixed, and just focus on the next ledge ahead!

When you nail the basics of writing and marketing without getting distracted by the latest shiny object, then you’ll truly make great leaps with your content and customers.

 With my own writing and content marketing, I’ve pared back what I feel I need to do to “accomplish” this digital marketing world.

I found this useful writing challenge list from Copyblogger and liked what they listed as 30 day topics you could take on for writing, because they’re the basics you must nail in your content marketing writing. Headlines, storytelling and sales copy are just a few of the pieces that make up a solid foundation. If you could challenge yourself to write a couple hundred words under these topics everyday for 30 days, you’d definitely make huge writing gains!

Freelancing Tool & Marketing Tip

I’m combining these tips this week because they complement each other nicely!

If you’re a content marketer or digital marketing manager in a company, you’re probably looking ahead to Q4 and how your team can finish out the year.

Rather than looking too far ahead at next year’s trends, why not reflect on what worked and what didn’t for 2020? I know it’s been a tumultuous year, and we’ll be glad to see the back of it! But on the other hand, it probably presented you with new marketing opportunities and finding a different voice with your customers.

Instead of trying to fly ahead with new goals and outcomes for 2021, assessing what didn’t work this year will help pave the year ahead for stronger achievements and content clarity. Rather than taking on a whole new bunch of ideas and executing….. none!

For the freelance writer, now is the perfect time to reach out to companies for work. Teams will indeed be reflecting on the year they had, and will probably be using up the last of their marketing-moolah to make a strong impression.

Cold emailing will be your best friend over the coming weeks, and there’s no time like Q4 to get started and join these teams as they look out for niche writers in their industry. Make sure you stay ahead of the game and contact them first to join them on the last of their 2020 marketing pursuits!

Eva Gutierrez (my business coach!) has an amazing guide on all things content writing, and I would highly recommend you check this out as it contains loooads of tips and tricks to spruce up your cold emails and pitches. Jorden Makelle’s YouTube channel also contains golden nuggets of information, from creating your writing website/portfolio to sending your first pitch.

What I like about both of these writers is the simple and concise steps they lay out to begin, or further develop your writing journey and skills. There’s zero BS, it’s clearly laid out and you simply have to watch and then take action straight away. There’s no secret sauce, or college degree needed.

Back to the climbing analogy; just one ledge at a time. Slowly but surely 🙂

In my journal, it has one of those entrepreneurial quotes for every day. Yes I did hear you scream bAsIc from the back (:

Buuut…. *whispers* I really liked this one!

“Begin to be now, what you will be hereafter” – William James (who’s he, I hear you ask?! He was one of the leading American psychologists in the early 20th century.) I really liked this quote because we often hear people say “Oh I’ll start Monday”, or “I’ll do that tomorrow…”


What first step are you going to take on your content marketing climb? I’d love to hear your thoughts!