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Imagine we started off all our blog posts in this fashion like the folks on YouTube?! Hmm!

I think I’ll stick with my leave a comment CTA at the end, thank you!

But I’ve been thinking about screenwriting and video script writing, because video is definitely on the rise. Not just for businesses and content marketing, but more and more people are jumping on the YouTuber train too. Studies have shown that when you combine information and visuals, people retain around 65% of that information 3 days later, compared to 10% retention with text alone.

Now don’t expect to see me popping up on the YouTube anytime soon, I haven’t put make up on in I’d say about 6 weeks (my skin loves me hehe). As for writing video scripts? It’s definitely something I want to take on down the line, as I pursue content strategy work.

Although I’d probably get a few hits updating you all on my handstand journey; gymnastics and calisthenics YouTubers are finally getting the glory they deserve now everyone’s at home, with no gym equipment. (I’m not crying, you are….)

It’s only week two of my weekly series and I’m struggling to sit still to write this, which is surprising because I’ve had a good week. Mentally I feel positive and upbeat (maybe it’s because I’m ovulating?! Hi oestrogen :))) ) and physically I’ve moved my body everyday and taken the dog for walks. LOL who am I kidding, he takes me for walks ugh.

I think why I’m feeling stumped is because I’ve had a good week, I feel somewhat guilty. I read an article recently about privilege and COVID-19, and it highlighted just how lucky a lot of us are during this pandemic. Not only to have a roof over our heads and food in the fridge, but to live in a stable household, with good mental health and with family by our sides.

I can’t imagine what people with mental health struggles are going through. Those who relied on going to the gym as part of their routine now don’t have that access and something to look forward to during the day as their release.

The elderly who could go to the shop and have the chats with their shopkeeper, are now stuck inside. After all this is over, they might be at a loss when going back out as they feel they’ve lost their independence and confidence a bit.

There are people who’ve lost their jobs and are still paying back a mortgage with kids.

The next time I feel like complaining about not being able to see my friends or go more than 2km from my home, I’ll be checking my privilege big time. The more we stay away from others and reduce the risk of spreading the illness, the sooner we can resume those amenities for people who really need them.

But trying to keep in line with the hormone chit chat, I must recommend this new app I’m using called Fitrwoman. It essentially lets you track your period and gives you tips throughout your cycle on the type of workouts you should be doing along with delicious recipes and other health advice. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who has a menstrual cycle! and it’s free!

Grateful that I get to watch these two 4 week old foals prance around the neighbouring field.

I don’t know exactly how things will resume, but all I know is that I’m super grateful to those places who can’t even be open right now but are still providing a great service. I might be slightly biased here mentioning Askeaton Pool & Leisure because I work for them, but their 3 Zoom workout classes this week both kicked my ass and perked me up for the rest of the day – it’s a stretch to say in equal measure. Because my ass is literally still sore from Tuesday’s work out and it’s Sunday. Thanks guys!

Shout out to Kerie, Dec & Jason for those, looking forward to next week’s classes already. Kind of…!

My mam’s pronunciation of the word cocoon has been driving me both to insanity and fits of giggles. So much so that I’ve had to play the pronunciation of the word from Google for her.

For reference, she pronounces it cock-oon instead of cuh-coon. Lads it’s driving me feckin’ mad.

But I can’t say much, because I pronounced spatula as “spah-choola” and I still struggle to say turmeric…. wonder where I got those mispronunciations from huh?!

My mam might mispronounce words, but she takes a great picture! Our fully bloomed cherry blossom tree always catches that gorgeous evening sun and mam took this on her 4 year old Lenovo tablet. Gal’s got an eye!

This pandemic has left a lot of people jobless, but many more are now questioning their jobs.

It’s this easy to work from home? Dayum, why didn’t I go freelance aaages ago!

Or, why have I wasted so much time commuting when I could have been working remotely all along…

Mark Scully from Learn Inbound recently set up a Google Sheet for people who are in the digital marketing sphere and want to either find a new job or share their details because they’re working freelance.

I can vouch for the effectiveness of this spreadsheet because I’ve already had people reach out to me on LinkedIn from it! Be sure to fill in your details and why not connect with others in your industry too. You just never know when you need to ask for help or feedback.

Here’s the link to the sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aM5pM3U9MGlJdTmMKAQMR9xt75PY40BtQ373GVerhLY/edit?usp=sharing

I’m currently reading two books; I have a daytime book and a nighttime book although I think I need to swap them.

My daytime read is “The Gene. An Intimate History” by Siddhartha Mukherjee and it’s all about how the gene came to be (well, how it was discovered more like), Mukherjee’s own familial struggles with mental health and nature versus nurture. I thought it would be a difficult, mathematical mammoth read but it’s actually quite pleasant; super interesting and somewhat funny?!

My nighttime read on the other hand is a classic; Jane Austen’s “Emma”. And I’m finding it surprisingly difficult. The language, long sentences and paragraphs and array of Mr. Wentworth’s, Miss Bates’ and Mr. Churchill’s has me a tad confused. Maybe it’s because I’m reading it at night and I’m already sleepy..

I’ll fill you in next week on my swapsies!

I’ll be the next Charles Darwin planting dem peas in my garden. Yurt!

My marketing tool fave of the week has got to be Asana.

When you start juggling a few different clients, invoices, work, your own marketing and website work, blog posts and ecourse learning and everything in between (gah that reminds me, need to keep on top of my accounting..), then having a tool that let’s you keep everything in one place is a must. Enter Asana. 

You can divide everything up into projects and then break those down into tasks with a description of each. You can order them into a to-do list style or a more visual board layout.

I find it especially useful for onboarding new clients as I’ve all the templates and forms in their to get to know them, that way I know where everything is kept and I’m not making a new process every time. Easy!

This week I finished a content strategy course and the course instructor said you know, now you can practise these lessons on your own content strategy course.

Freelancing lesson learned from the course?! Practise what you preach!

I had a light bulb moment and felt slightly “duuuh?!” about it all because I should totally be putting these lessons to use on my own content as well. My blog and content marketing is something I’ve neglected because I’ve been busy with clients, but even making just half an hour every day to work on your own content – social media plan, writing a blog post, is totally achievable.

You just have to make the time and I think as freelancers we should be spending more time on our own work and marketing too. 

In fairness I spend a lot of my time just looking at my dog and saying “Omg mam loooooook! He’s soooooo cute!!!” We get it, he’s adorable.

Struggling to find the time and resources to formulate your own plan? Content marketing institute is a great place to start. You’ll find all the info you need to build your own freelance content strategy. I’d recommend starting here – https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2019/09/questions-content-strategy/

These past few weeks I’ve been finding it hard to find an exercise routine. Every night I say tomorrow is the day I move my body – EARLY! but then in the morning I’d feel lazy and just want to eat my brekkie.

Then by the time the evening rolls around I was just not bothered or else didn’t make as much effort with my evening workout.

The past week two of the Zoom workouts were on in the morning and both days I felt much more productive getting my exercise in in the morning and it set me up for the day!

If you don’t have access to online classes (do some digging – there are loads of free workout classes on at the moment) why not find a friend or family member to work out together with. Set a time in the AM and stick to it! I promise you’ll feel far more productive and set up for the rest of the day.

My efforts were futile (: Much like my morning habits LOL.

This quote is taken from James Clear’s 3-2-1 Thursdays where he shares 3 questions, 2 quotes and 1 question. This quote is an idea of his that I find particularly useful because, well like I mentioned above, I feel like I’ve an endless to do list.

This helps sort the necessary and burgeoning ideas from the weak tasks. “The fastest way to raise your level of performance: Cut your number of commitments in half”. I’d highly recommend signing up to his thoughts!

This week I ambled through different brambles back my road and sat by this stream. Was tempted to take my shoes and socks up but I saw these black slimy little things flitting around – are there leeches in Ireland?!