I love the word preamble. It’s an introductory statement to a document explaining its purpose. Before we amble into this document, I’m just gunna quickly explain what this is going to be about….

Less isn’t always more; especially when it comes to content marketing (Google if you’re crawling please rank me higher, thanks 🙂 ) I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet. I’ve been busier than ever despite being in the midst of a pandemic – cue the people looking over their glasses at you thinking are you busy, or are you busy scrolling through social avoiding life’s responsibilities. LOL. 

I’m trying to practise writing quicker and snappier articles and blog posts.

This is as much practise for me, my writing habits and blogging consistency, as it is chock full of tips for you (that’s the truth, improving myself to help you hey!)

I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot by saying the past two weeks have actually been quite enjoyable in this quarantine (i.e. I’ve only cried like twice and have had a good laugh at least once a day), but things have been going smooth as peanut butter. The sun’s been shining, and even though we might not be able to venture far to enjoy it, it’s still better than being cooped up inside watching the rain pour.

This past week progress has been made on my home gym. I’ve been gardening galore; raking, weeding, digging and swinging enough tools to give Groundskeeper Willie a run for his money.

I might look like a sweaty mad woman in the garden, but it’s keeping me sane!

Last week I mentioned four day work-weeks. Let’s just say, I deeply admire those people who can either park their work after 4 days, or have their time management skills in total control. Because I had to work this weekend!

I’m pretty busy at work right now, but I’m not complaining because I love all the projects I’m currently working on and it’s not like the weekends feel all that different, hey…. I guess when you’re new in the freelance world, you do have to put in the time and effort and just #hustle some bit.

My favourite marketing tool this week that I think deserves a mention is Mailchimp for email marketing. Super easy to use, great for importing names and emails in a manner of different file formats and has some easily customisable email templates (although I’m partial to a plain text email newsletter to be honest; more personal and easier on the eye!).

During the week I read in a Facebook group that one content writer reached out to all previous potential clients through Mailchimp. She wrote a short email simply informing them again of her services and that she’s available for work during this time. She then imported all those emails from Excel into Mailchimp and sent the email out. Rather than emailing them all individually, this made the whole process much quicker and time-effective (bonus tip: add their name when importing the emails too so you can customise the subject line and first line of the email!).

Bish bash bosh, will I get this written in half an hour?!

Although I’d heard this piece of advice early on in my freelancing career, spotting client red flags early is important. Yet it’s difficult. But if you’re good at following your intuition with clients then go for it, don’t settle for clients you don’t enjoy.

Although I do think there’s an element of throwing yourself into projects at the start to gain exposure, but as you progress you can definitely whittle down who you work with. Freelancing becomes far more enjoyable when you and your clients are on the same page, or just when the client is friendly and treats you with respect.

Pay attention to those clients you don’t “vibe” with, because later on on your journey you’ll be able to pick and choose your clients freely. You’ll know exactly what will work, and who won’t fit.

I’m ending this week’s blog post, much like my week, on a high note.

As soon as normality somewhat resumes, shops open back up and people can you know, hug again! I’m running to the nearest tattoo parlour to get “ever curious” tattoo’d on me 🙂 It’s a quote that’s always stuck with me.

If there’s one thing this quarantine has shown me, it’s that life is too short to not do something silly, or weird, or wonderful or whatever makes you happy.

Whether that’s being too curious and asking too many questions, or getting a tattoo that goodness me, will be stuck to you forever!

Don’t let that child-like curiosity leave you. EVER!

What’s the one thing you’ve been pining for since quarantine began?!