Limerick has an array of cafes to offer in its bustling city centre, so this list will sort you out whether you need a pick-me-up after a match or a snug sit down!

*Updated in May 2022.

I think you’ll all agree with me when I say that Limerick has come along in major leaps and bounds in recent years, particularly on the café and coffee shop scene! And now that the Shannon estuary is included in the Wild Atlantic Way, it’s all the more important to support and acknowledge these independent cafes we’re so lucky to have on our doorstep.

To make it easier for you to scan through, I’ve added three sections that sum up that cafe’s particular experience; the vibe and feel of the place, what type of food it serves and the link to the Google Maps address so you can quickly find your way to it! The pictures contain links to their website or social media, where you can find out more information.

Limerick City’s Cafes & Coffee Shops 2022

Before we dive in, might I suggest we all sign a petition to get O’ Mahoney’s bookshop on O’ Connell street to set up a cafe?! In amongst all those lovely new book smells and sleek spines, the coffee aroma drifting throughout the shop….

I would spend hours in there and I’d say they’d clean up! 

Be sure to bookmark any cafes that pique your interest, just click through the Google Maps link and save. 

1. Petit Paris 

I’m starting off with an absolute gem on the corner of Henry Street! A latte and croissant are my go-to options here. I hope the sun shines for you when you visit so you can sit out on their super-cute veranda! 

Vibe: Nestled under an ivy and trellis entrance, you really feel like you’re stepping back in time and straight into a black-and-white Parisian film.

Food: Tasty treats and an extensive lunch menu. 

Google Maps Link:

2. Hook and Ladder

These café restaurants are a go-to for me for all occasions. There are now 4 locations across Limerick city; Sarsfield Street, Dooradoyle, Corbally and Castletroy.  My fave here is the cinnamon and date scone with a strong latte, or else the bean burgers. Yum! 

Vibe: From casual catch-ups with friends to a family lunch, these spacious cafés cater for everyone. The eye can’t help but wander to all the various ornaments and funky homeware that’s also for sale! 

Food: Big mugs of coffee with treats or wholesome lunch options. 

Google Maps Link: Sarsfield St. Cafe:

3. Fika Coffee 

Fika first opened its doors on Catherine Street in October of 2020, which was a brave move considering the panoramic! Hehe. I absolutely love visiting these folks because it’s a little adventure when picking your coffee. They allow you to choose from a selection of three different Irish roasts that rotate regularly, so you never know how delish your coffee will taste!

Vibe: Scandi-feel, simplistic design. Peep the paintings on the walls by local artists while you wait for your coffee 🙂

Food: Scrumptious croissants, delicatessen sausage rolls and chonky cookies! 

Google Maps Link:

4. Cafe Rosé

 The selection of cakes are to die for, and I can vouch that their vegetarian breakfasts are packed full of flavour and are super filling. Be sure to visit early at lunch as it fills up quickly! 

Vibe: This warm and cosy café is the perfect place to come for a break from the city bustle, to read a book or have a quiet chat.

Food: Large selections of treats and cakes, as well as a fab lunch menu.

Google Maps Link:

5. Duo

Duo has seen a major update and relocation since the last blog post. It is now based on Sarsfield street in an open-plan space with an even larger selection of books, natural skincare, organic products and of course, amazing coffee. This concept store-come-coffee shop is one of the reasons why I love Limerick. 

They have a fab website shop where you can browse all their sustainable products too, click through the picture above.

Vibe: Open-space, unique and local, with a funky energy throughout. 

Food: Small selection of chocolates.

Google Maps Link:

6. Cafe MIA HQ

Cafe MIA is new on the scene here in Limerick city, located on the banks of the Shannon at Harvey’s Quay. I’ve devoured their vegan coconut and chocolate cookies, and the peanut butter brownies and scones, all providing yummy fuel for a walk around The Three Bridges afterwards! 

Give them a follow on Instagram for some mouth-watering coffee and regales inspo 🙂 

Vibe: This place is perfect for a sit down in their sheltered outdoor seating area, an ice-cream pit stop for the family or sitting on their stools and watching the world and river go by.

Food: Delight in their scone and coffee deals or treat yourself to a few scoops of ice cream in their parlour. They also have a small lunch menu.

Google Maps Link:

7. Canteen

I found a renewed love for Limerick when I discovered this gem a few years ago – Canteen has been around for a while but they’ve turned the café scene on its head! I brought my mam here and we both devoured lemon drizzle and chia seed muffins and halloumi wraps! 

Check out their website shop and the new “canzeen” they are launching, featuring local artists’ mediums such as visual, audio, poetry, video, and essays.

Vibe: With bright spaces and angular benches, it’s the perfect place to plug in and work.

Food: Small homemade treats and dine-in/takeaway lunch menu.

Google Maps Link:

8. Abbey River Coffee

I frequented Abbey River more times than I care to admit during the lockdowns because their large lattes were like a massive hug in a cup. I also love where they’re situated, right by Matthew Bridge and the Potato Market.  They are a small independent coffee roastery and you’ll often find queues going down the steps outside. 

I’d like to add that this part of Limerick is so fab to visit in the evenings; the lights on the bridge connecting the Potato Market and the back of the Hunt Museum are Pure Gawrjuss. St. Mary’s Cathedral is right next door and full of interesting facts and figures about Limerick’s history. 

Vibe: There’s a fab medieval feel to their small space, it’s just adorable. Feel free to take a break in their new heated seating area while you enjoy your brew! 

Food: They don’t have a menu but they have plenty of coffee utensils and kits for the aficionado! 

Google Maps Link:

9. Bakehouse 22

You’ll often find their cute mini-mini-van cake stand out and about serving delicacies and cakes to market-goers or various events. On a fine day, you can sit out in their outdoor area and take in the amazing views of King John’s Castle right next door. This cafe is also on The Three Bridges walk, so you’re spoiled for choice while out on your stroll! 

Vibe: This bright and spacious cafe and bakery are on Nicholas Street in the heart of Limerick’s Old Quarter. It has a real local feel to it as there’s a Daybreak shop next door to serve the local community, so it’s perfect to meet friends for some treats or lunch. 

Food: As the name suggests, plenty of baked goods! And a breakfast & lunch menu.

Google Maps Link:

10. Melt Chocolate & Coffee

I couldn’t not add Melt to this list as it’s a coffee institution in the heart of Limerick City. Nestled in amongst an array of cafes on Little Catherine Street, Melt not only offers boxes of chocolates and delicious coffee and hot chocolates but a jam-packed lunch menu too. 

Vibe: Ideal for taking a break during your city roaming, either to get some hearty grub into you or to sit outside and listen to buskers over a cappuccino and SOS cookie (the Kinder Bueno is a personal fave!)

Food: Breakfast and lunch menu as well as delicious nibbles. 

Google Maps Link:

11. Zest!

Strolling through Limerick city gallery and smelling the fresh roast beans. Two of my favourite things! With a selection of fresh foods and healthy dining, this café is best for someone who wants to take some time to chill and refresh for the day. With the large windows and seat selection, I often sit down with tea to take some time out.

Vibe: Opening out onto People’s Park, it is the perfect place to watch the birds flit around.

Food: Homemade treats, breakfast & lunch menu. 

Google Maps Link:

12. The Buttery, Bedford Row

I left The Buttery in here since the last cafe post, even though it has now moved from cafe and eatery to more of a restaurant vibe. However, they’ve refurbished it with gorgeous tropical interiors, think The Ivy restaurants in London. I’d recommend booking ahead on weekends because the queues are certainly long, but for good reason! 

Vibe: Sophisticated yet cosy, making it ideal for a yum brunch and coffee hit.

Food: Breakfast through to evening meal menus. 

Google Maps Link:

13. Esquires Coffee

They have an extensive coffee range, from milkshakes to macchiatos, there’s a hot and iced drink for everyone! I popped in for a regular white chocolate mocha and I was impressed with the size of the cup and price! Also, is it pronounced mo-kah or mock-a?! either way, loads of room for families or quick coffee trips. It’s a yes from me!

Vibe: This café has real New York retro vibes going on while being absolutely perfect for sitting in a quiet corner to read. 

Food: Treats and desserts, along with breakfast and lunch menus. 

Google Maps Link:

14. Rift Coffee

 They’ve also expanded on Mallow Street and now have The Larder. I hopped off my bike and enjoyed a coffee alfresco one summer afternoon and it was perfect with a NutShed peanut brownie. Yums! 

Vibe: Minimalist, fresh and unique, Rift is perfect for a pit-stop coffee.

Food: As well as treats and a breakfast/lunch menu, they have a range of wines and local produce in The Larder. 

Google Maps Link:

15. Green Onion

If you’re floating around the Hunt Museum, you must pop into Green Onion Cafe. The long table in the back is ideal for working on the go, with wifi and plugs available.

Vibe: With an array of abstract art hanging on the walls, the funky playlist and shadowy lighting, it’s perfect for quiet chats or a charming first date! 

Food: If you’re looking for a light treat with your coffee, their spelt scones are a delish. They offer an array of cuisines on their lunch menu, from Lebanese flatbreads to Vietnamese Banh Mis, there’s something for everyone.

Google Maps Link:

16. Habit Retail Coffee 

Habit is a relatively new coffee shop with bases on O’ Connell Street and Thomas Street, making it the perfect spot to stop and sip! They serve a wide range of speciality coffees and snacks, and also have a shop catering to the more coffee-obsessed; cafetierres, pitchers, and even coffee-machine cleaning supplies. 

Vibe: Open space and super-friendly staff. A big plus is they’re dog friendly too, so if you have your pupper in tow make sure to stop and bask in the sunshine for a while 🙂 

Food: Range of treats to go along with your coffee 

Google Maps Link: Thomas Street:

O’ Connell Street:

17. The vast array of Milk Market cafes!

I have to shout out the Milk Market and its wondrous cafes and coffee shops dotted in and around the place! From the cafes bordering the actual market; Marie’s/Green Acres Cheese and Coffee shop, Ma’s Kitchen, Our Daily Bread, SOS Cookies and BIA, all serve up wondrous delicacies and fresh coffee.

Moving into the Market, which is open every Saturday, Sunday and over the Christmas holidays; Bon Appétit and Harper’s Coffee House which are permanently situated there and the many stalls that come from afar to serve various coffee roasts. You truly are spoiled for coffee choice in Limerick’s most popular market.

Vibe: Bustling market with an array of sights and smells! 

Food: Local and international cuisines. 

Google Maps Link:

Better Latte Than Never 

So there you have it! I can’t wait to see what Limerick brings in the next ten years, but here are a few places to enjoy if you haven’t already.

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