The Onboarding & Writing Process + FAQs

Getting to know your business

So how do we get this whole writing biz started?! 

1. When you contact me, I’ll send you a survey to ensure we’re a good fit. This survey will ask questions not only about your project ideas, but will also inquire about your content struggles and target audience. This will help me get to know you before we hop on a call so I can deliver a solution that’s right for you.

2. I’ll review your answers within 2 business days and if it looks like we’re a fit, I’ll send you an email with a link that will let you pick a time that suits you and schedule a call with me. I’ll ask you more questions about your audience, your current content, your content goals, competitors, topics that have worked well in the past for you, and topics you’re hoping to cover in the future. As I get to learn even more about you and you understand my process of research and writing, we’ll figure out the direction to go in with your content, such as specific topics, calls to action, dates for the project, and image details you might need from me.

3. After the call, you’ll receive a proposal from me based on what we discussed. Once you confirm the options you want, you’ll receive a contract and a 50% deposit invoice. Once that’s signed and paid, I’ll build out my systems for your project, like Google Drive folder setup and dates in my calendar. Finally, I’ll ask you for any additional resources I might need from you, like style guidelines, introduction to any specific experts (like your internal specialists) whose insights you may want to incorporate, etc.

4. I’ll build out the outline based on these details and send over the outline once you’ve paid. You’ll hop into Google Docs and make any notes/comments before I start writing.

5. I’ll write a first draft (~7 business days turnaround time on average) and send it to you for review. You’ll have 30 days to get back to edits, this ensures the content pieces remain fresh and clear to us.

6. You’ll leave edits in the draft, and I’ll come back and make those edits within 1-2 business days.

7. We’ll sign off on final approval and I’ll send over the invoice for the remaining 50% balance to be paid, Net15.

8. I love building relationships with clients and delving even deeper into your organisation over a couple of months, so if you’re happy with how the first month goes we can jump on a call and see how we can make it work on an ongoing, monthly basis to continue to build your content.

Thank you for learning about my process! Want to chat? Head over here to get started.


1. Are your rates hourly? 

Every project quote is value-based—which means you’re paying for the value and ROI of the finished product, not the time spent producing it.

My rates also include:

  • Time for research
  • SEO keyword integration & formatting
  • Images, screenshots, and examples
  • Internal links to your existing in-house content

2. Do you offer ghostwriting?

I do offer ghostwriting (as in, my name and link to my website not included with the post), but there is a 20% additional fee to these types of assignments. This is because I’m not getting a byline which means I don’t get the opportunity to build my own portfolio.

3. How many rounds of edits do I get?

Every project includes one round of edits. If you need additional edits after the first round, there is a project-based fee for additional work. This fee helps ensure we’re both on the same page from the start of the project.

4. How soon can you start?

I request at least a one-week lead-time for new projects.