Hey there!

I’m Maria, content  writer & marketing strategist focusing on SaaS and FemTech industries.

Any of these sound familiar?

You need your time back to focus on developing your products rather than spinning your wheels trying to write content at 11.45 pm.

Your product might be a little tricky, and the current copy isn’t relaying just how amazing it is.

You’re already hitting the high notes with customers but want your metrics to go even further.

Curious about the wonderful clients I work with?

How I take your content from boring to blazing!

Whether you need blog content that engages and entertains your new readers, or you want to turn that hot lead into a raving fan and customer through a targeted email drip campaign, I’m your gal.  

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients, especially in the SaaS and FemTech niches because you folks are just like me; you thrive on helping others. As fun and all as writing is (I see you rolling your eyes!!), it takes a lot more than writing a few blog posts and hitting publish to get those *chef’s kiss* metrics and sign-ups that you truly need. I thrive on getting the job done and ensuring those metrics relate back to helping your audience. 

Having worked with automotive, corporate gifting and email marketing companies, I know a thing or two about the bigger picture content marketing strategy. How can you aspire to those mouth-watering metrics if you don’t even have a cohesive plan to get your blogs, email newsletters and social media campaigns to work cohesively?! 

Content Writing

You want research-backed, customer-focused content. With your brand voice? Gotcha!

Content Repurposing

Already have heaps of content on your website that could do with some TLC? I ensure it keeps getting the attention it deserves. 

Content Strategy

What’s the point in creating all this wonderful content if it’s falling flat? Content distribution is key. 

Email Marketing

Newsletters are the one piece of content you can be sure will reach your audience. Make them impactful! 

hear from some of my content clients!

It feels like Maria is very much part of the team. I appreciate working closely with her and brainstorming ideas together.

Creating a website is challenging for business owners as they are too close to their business. It’s important to work with professionals that can elevate your online presence. Otherwise, business owners will end up with the same old-style website and content!

    Maria listened to us, observed us and challenged us. She interpreted what we do, brough new dimensions to our business and elaborated on our services.

    We would absolutely recommend her services to others. 

    We are delighted with our new website and feel that it will help take our business to the next level.

    Ann Lyons

    Managing Director, Gift Innovations

    Maria has been creating and scheduling the social media content for my dog grooming
    business the past 2 years. Once Maria started working with me, she took all the social media
    stress away. She is creative, innovative and very professional. She always included me in the
    content creating and made sure the ethos of my business was always respected. Maria is
    refreshing to work with and I now have content I’m proud of and the followers to reflect
    that. I would highly recommend her services.

    Aoife Meade

    Business Owner, Doggy Days

    Hi, I’m maria!



     When I’m not translating tech jargon or getting to know your customers, I’m probably walking my dog or watching old Lara Croft YouTube walkthroughs. What can I say, I’m a nostalgic one!

    I also like to dig into Crunchbase or TechCrunch newsletters to find out the latest in FemTech funding and seeding, and see new SaaS developments. The industries are constantly progressing, and keeping on top of the R&D is exciting.


    Check out the blog, where I LIKE TO SHARE Content marketing CREATIVITY & adventures!

    If you’re ready to get your time back, build out your amazing products and capture your audience, pop me a message.

    I respond to all client enquiries within 24 hours.