All things content and email for IT, SaaS and FemTech companies that seek brand awareness, growth, new leads and conversions. 



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 It’s Monday morning again, and you have big dreams for your marketing team. You want…

  • To drive qualified traffic back to your website and keep your audience’s attention, with readers regularly signing up for your newsletters.
  • The brand voice and messaging to come through in your content, and rather than having random pieces, you’d like to build a large bank of evergreen articles.
  • Content that is fresh, that will go the extra mile and is perfectly tailored to your audience’s needs.
  • Not only to retain current customers, but a steady stream of leads coming in every month, increasing your content ROI and, of course, your bottom line!

 But your IT, FemTech or Saas company is struggling to create high-quality, conversion-optimising content consistently.

 Phew, that’s a mouthful! But I get it. 

You have a lot going on behind the scenes. Between growing your products and constant customer engagement, content marketing has taken a back seat. 

Or you’ve previously produced content, but it didn’t quite hit the high notes. 

Time is, of course, a major factor because there’s so much to do in your high-energy, evolving tech company that content marketing hasn’t been made a priority yet.

Or…. You might already have a content plan but don’t have the resources to execute its amazingness. 

When you’re ready to get more people to say “hell yes!” (or as we say here in Limerick, Yurt!!) to your blog posts and emails, it’s time to take back the reigns.

Companies who hire me are looking for a subject matter expert with in-depth industry knowledge and a proven track record of results-driving content creation.

I’ve written software user guides for one of the largest communications giants in the world; I know how to break complex software tasks into concise and simplified explanations for users. 

Think of your strategy like a jigsaw; when your overall business goals are succinctly tied to your content strategy, there is no room for errors. Everything fits as it should and has a clear purpose.  

You know that fuzzy feeling you get when you put in the last jigsaw piece? That is exactly how I feel about a fulfilled content strategy!


You hear a lot about how your audience’s aches and pains should keep you up at night… well, those same physical pains used to do exactly that for me one time! Don’t worry; I sleep much better now and can write just as effectively. Yay for balanced hormones!

If something is bugging your audience, I’ll absolutely love getting to the bottom of it. I will research the hell out of their problems so we can come up with the best, research-driven content to answer these issues

I have previously worked with SaaS companies, so I understand how fast-paced the work environment is and how you need to get content marketing that is targeted and accurate in a quick turnaround. 

Customer-focused content will drive you ahead, keep you relevant and provide your audience with valuable and trusted information; the critical ingredients to retention and sign-ups. Especially in FemTech, where invaluable research pops up and you need to get this out effectively and jargon-free.


I’m ready to partner up when you are!