Do you need help growing your business into a global empire AWAY from social media & algorithms? 

Introducing Uncensored! 

I help you nurture a loyal following using SEO-blog content and email marketing so you can break free from worrying about social media censoring. 

Get your time back so you can concentrate on developing your femtech products and growing your community to make an even greater impact.



Does this sound like you?

You’re struggling to come up with ideas for your femtech content, so you’re pushing out inconsistent articles.

You want to exponentially grow your subscribers without getting marked as “spam.”

You lack the time to write content that speaks directly to your audience and meet them where they are. Getting your message across in a trustworthy and delicate way is complex.

You’re conducting impactful customer interviews but you have only a small marketing team to turn the information into valuable content.

You’re kept up at night worrying about the latest algorithm changes or if your “seggs” positive post is getting shadow banned. 

You want to be found organically through Google but have zero knowledge of SEO and how to drive traffic and increase conversions on your website.

You’re struggling to convince people and investors that your product is needed because your content doesn’t carry your brand across different mediums or isn’t educational enough.

    Uncensored strengthens your femtech brand with electric and educational content so you have time to focus on expanding your femtech products, growing your community and impacting even more women and non-binary people without relying on social media and volatile algorithms, using my unique content-quadrant framework:

    • A content bank of ideas to reach and engage your target audience: this bank ensures we ALWAYS have an endless supply of high-converting, resounding content marketing ideas, and all pieces of content directly track back to your overarching business goals so you can continue growing your brand or launching your next product.

    • Femtech-focused email marketing: Build and nurture solid relationships through targeted email campaigns without landing in that silly little spam inbox so you can convert more customers interested in your brand. Feel confident and secure about your email list rather than worrying about being shadowbanned on social media! 

    • Educational SEO-driven articles and blog posts: build up evergreen, educational articles with sprinklings of fun user-generated content to keep your readers locked in like their latest smut fiction book 😉 As a result, you’re found organically through Google with high-value keywords and convert all those readers into trusting email subscribers! 

    • Content distribution and strategy with consistent voice and branding across all platforms: we don’t just press publish around here, girlies. We measure, tweak, link, and redistribute because we are smart with our strategies! This way, you get the most out of your content and not waste energy (read: money!) constantly thinking of new repurposing ideas.


    Who is Uncensored for?
    My services are for Seed B femtechs and women’s health companies past the start-up hurdles. You’re looking far beyond your initial target audience and community goals and want to scale beyond your wildest dreams. 

    You want to secure your next-scale operations, enter new markets, and increase the number of products you make, be they sex toys, pelvic floor devices, ovulation tracking apps, you name it. 

    You need new app features, a focus on staying ahead of competitors, further differentiation and making even more of an impact, and a renewed focus on user acquisition tactics. 

    You’re going GLOBAL! 

    A worldwide safe space and community, widespread recognition as a pioneering femtech women’s health company, speaking on global conference stages, and securing even more investment to grow and impact the women and non-binary people who need you on their side.


    I guide you over the following hurdles that you might currently be facing:

    • Your marketing team (possibly only two people!) is too small and stretched too thin. You have a lot of ideas but need more time to execute them all. The needle ain’t movin’ because you’re trying to be everywhere all at once—an overwhelming strategy. 

    • Unable to narrow down the appropriate women’s health content themes to pinpoint community needs, especially when your team members have different ideas of what should work and what won’t. 

    • The time or expertise to develop content beyond ‘how-to guides’ to create more engaging, user-generated or SEO-driven content. 

    • The desire and know-how to remain consistent across branding and tone of voice. Branding is way more than just a logo! 

    • You want email sign-ups because people resonate with your brand, not just for your latest webinar or downloadable content. They sign up because they want to hear from YOU. 

    • You’re putting in all the work on social media but not seeing results… even though you’ve already agonised over the copy and hashtags of every post, it still doesn’t hit with your current audience, let alone reach new people! 


    Now, onto the juicy bits…In this retainer, you’ll:

    1. Have a bank of content ideas tailored to your business goals, themes, and customers’ needs: think educational blog posts and articles that humanise your brand, interactive product demos, user story angles and testimonials, email marketing strategies that nurture leads, exclusive content, and updates to the community on the company that they love (YOU!). I remove the decision paralysis around what content will hit and what won’t. 
    2. No longer be afraid of being shadowbanned! Don’t worry about being shadow-banned on social media because you’re growing within areas you control: your email list and website/blog! I’ll check a running list every time I plan your social content so it adheres to the algorithm’s latest rules. 
    3. Scale your email marketing and grow your subscriber list exponentially without getting spammed: Initiatives and email ideas that scream out to your ideal clients while keeping them informed and educated and landing directly in their inbox without worrying about going to spam—all in your unique tone of voice and nurturing trusting relationships with people who already love your brand.
    4. Feel safe knowing I’m writing content directly aimed at your community to inform and meet them where they are: SEO-driven content that engages readers by telling real-life stories and doesn’t scare them away. Fresh and open, honest conversations that ensure people stay on your website and see you as a go-to education provider in your industry. 
    5. Turn those super-useful customer interviews into valuable content: You’ve been busy talking to your customers to figure out which features best help them through their journey, but do you know how helpful these conversations are in turning their words into content? I quickly sieve through these conversations to gather informative articles that directly speak to your audience! 
    6. Have transformative content on multiple mediums to use across platforms: Don’t have the time or know-how to break content into easily digestible social media chunks? Allow me to take a blog post and distribute it across every medium for your readers to devour. 
    7. Own hard-hitting SEO-driven content: organic traffic is what we all want at the end of the day. Let me tuck in to find what your customers/users/patients are researching every day to direct them to your website chock full of invaluable content for them. Your customers, clients, and community must be nurtured, especially within the femtech space, so creating straightforward and educational content is vital. 
    8. Have easily convinced people and investors that there is a need for your product: You have big plans for your company and future products, but how can you continue to grow if you don’t have that backing? A plethora of content clearly explaining how your product or service helps your customers and metrics showing how well you rank is critical to gaining further investment. Converting content helps massively with the belief in your brand.

    Through working with me, you’ll have: 

    1. Tailored content calendar (monthly & retainer options available): weekly blog posts, monthly articles, and weekly/fortnightly email marketing campaigns.
    2. Deep dive into keyword research to enhance your online visibility.
    3. Social media promotion copy and tips for content distribution.
    4. Progress reports and analytics to demonstrate the impact of the content on key performance indicators (KPIs).
    5. Consistent brand voice across all content mediums to strengthen your identity.
    6. Open lines of communication throughout the retainer: weekly email and two free draft updates.
    7. A power-house woman writer in your corner who not only knows your community inside out but is, in fact, your target audience! I got you. 😉 

    What makes this programme unique and different?

    My service, Uncensored, is not a one-and-done offer where I write a few blog posts and hope for the best. This framework has solid foundations in knowing and being eager to continually learn about your patients or customers and be there for them every step of the way. 

    I was once in their shoes, struggling to find communities on the internet and the correct information without scaring me shitless (as if I wasn’t already scared dealing with period loss and an eating disorder!).

    My content marketing framework ensures your brand messaging shines through while directly linking your business goals to your marketing strategy.

    I see many general femtech and women’s health content marketing writers. Yet I’ve never seen anyone offer support in creating content that takes the pressure off you to always show up on socials. 

    But with Uncensored, I create content that is specifically away from algorithmic platforms so you avoid censoring while still building deeper relationships and nurturing your community. 

    Take the power back into your hands by focusing on what you control: your website and your email list!! If Meta were to go down tomorrow, you need not worry because you’ve built a solid email list and blog content with clients, customers or patients who come running back every time. 

    I’m ready to partner up when you are!