If you’ve stumbled across this blog post from the Google results page, I presume you know what a freelance content writer is… But more often than not, when I tell people what I do they just nod their heads in silence.

“Yep, I have no clue what that is!”

Hehe. I basically write online marketing materials for companies and small businesses. So blog posts, articles, web copy (the actual words on a website), social media captions, and email newsletters.

I work for myself as a freelancer (cue all those eNtRepRenEur/Girl Boss/Boss Babe Insta pages screaming YOU NEED TO HUSTLE HAWRD!!), which might sound somewhat glam and freeing, but what I’ve found works best is having a fairly set schedule to do my best work.

I’m moving away this summer so my routine will undoubtedly change, and I’m super excited about that! But while I’ve been living it up here in Limerick this is generally how my week goes πŸ™‚

A Week of Content Writing in Limerick City

I decided to be specific about my location in Limerick city because there aren’t many freelancers living here, or so I’ve found based on searching LinkedIn and Instagram. Freelancing can be lonely and difficult; doing your taxes, finding new clients, meeting deadlines…

All of these tasks are a lot easier when you have people to share hard times with.

My housemate Roseanna has been wonderful while we’ve lived here, and I’m so grateful I’ve gotten the chance to live with someone who shares similar work and life ideals!

I’m hoping that sharing my schedule not only gives you an insight into my week but it can give you a bit of confidence to join a writer’s group to make the journey more exciting πŸ™‚

Thomas St., Limerick City. Fave place to walk through πŸ™‚


Morning: I worked with the wonderful Becca Rich from The Holistic Time Coach last year, and her guidance has been amazing in how I schedule out my weeks now. I have waaaay less guilt about how much I do or don’t “achieve”.

I usually spend Monday morning roughly planning the week; making a long to-do list of everything, and then scheduling it into my Google Calendar.

If it’s not in the calendar, it’s simply forgotten about!

Then I get started on my work.

I’m part of a group called Paperbacks & Co., a growing group of new and established female authors who spend two hours on Zoom discussing their writing projects and actually writing on the call.

These groups have completely transformed how I view writing!

Even though I work as a content writer, writing short stories is something I adore and actually aids my work-work ten-fold.

I join these calls twice a week, so I spend my Monday mornings creative writing.

I also got through some emails and filed my VAT returns! Not very exciting but is always such a relief to get those paid and out of the way… for another two months anyway.

Afternoon: I had to go to the vet to pick up medication for my dog (he’s ok, just preventative stuff). This was the only time in the week I could go, and if I left it until after 5 I wouldn’t have made it. So I can thank my flexible schedule for that πŸ™‚

He’s clearly doing fine.

Evening: I chilled out on the couch and read my new book “Witches” by Brenda Lozano. I’m moving to Mexico City exactly one month from now (ahhhh!!!) and this book is a great feel for the culture.


Morning: A sister company to Paperbacks & Co is Thrive Founders Co., which is more focused on female business owners, rather than being specific to writers like in the power hours. These one-hour zoom sessions again allow us to chat away and then set a goal to work away on.

You’d be surprised by how much you can tick off the list in one hour when you set your mind to it!

These groups have been super uplifting for me, as women from all over the world join so not only have you different backgrounds and timezones, but you’ve new viewpoints and cultures to chat about too! It’s fab.

If you’re a freelancer I would 10/10 recommend the Thrive hour-long sessions, and they’re free!

Afternoon: I spent the afternoon working with my main client. I went through my emails and edited their newsletter, social media posts and press releases. I’m working on updating their web copy at the moment so I spent an hour doing that.


I went for a run around Limerick city with my friend! Running with company is a great way to switch off from the day, work up a sweat and have some laughs too πŸ™‚

Some of the random street art around Limerick!


Morning & afternoon: Humpday already! I recently started working with a new client in Limerick city, Gift Innovations, so I go into their office once a week. We’re revamping their website so I’m writing the new copy for it, as well as adding to their overall marketing strategy.

It’s my first time working for a client in their office and I love it! It’s fab to be part of a small team and everyone has their own take on the brand’s personality, which I’m working on through the web copy.

Evening: I went out to my hometown of Askeaton to go for a run with our local running group. Ireland is heating up as summer arrives so it was a toasty run again πŸ™‚

The apartments across from ours; I love making up imaginary stories about what goes on in those quaint buildings.


Morning: I’ll admit I’ve been a little stressed these past few weeks as we’re moving out of the city soon before we take off on our travels. Between thinking of accommodation abroad, booking flights, and buying sleeping bag liners and bug spray, my mind has been frazzled going to bed so sleep hasn’t been on par! I allowed myself a sleep-in this morning and then went to do a food shop.

Sometimes I beat myself up for not strictly sticking to a 9-5 schedule but I have to remind myself that this is why I work for myself. I love this flexibility!

After the food shop, I treated myself to a yum latte and croissant from Petit Paris, a cute cafe nearby. If you’d like to read about more deeeelish Limerick city cafes, check out this blog post.

Afternoon: After a lunch walk and yoga, I got into a little bit of work. Going back over that running to-do list I make sure to prioritise tasks by the deadline. I worked on writing more web copy and a press release for this client, ALT Technologies.

They are in the automotive industry which makes for interesting research! I only have one automotive client but it’s an area I’d like to get into more because what is typically a conservative industry, is actually ramping up because of electrics, AI and on-demand shared mobility.


I booked those flights and accom and looked into travel insurance. Anyone got any tips because I am information overloading!!

Limerick by night.


Morning: I’m exercising compassion with my “to-do” list as I get to the end of the week and thinking “ah here, I still have a million things to do!” This mentality is no way to live every week, and rather than beat myself up I’m just guna give myself a pat on the back and congratulate myself on my week’s successes.

I joined a power hour with Paperback’s & Co., which is actually where I wrote most of this blog post! As I said, you can get a lot done in an hour πŸ˜‰ After the power hour, I finished up and edited the blog post.

I’ve been following Yoga with Adriene’s 30-day Move YouTube videos and have been loving them!! Never ever saw me as a Yogi but what started as simple stretching for running has turned into an absolute craving to get on my mat and switch off. I did that after writing the blog post.

Afternoon: To be completely transparent, I had a lime White Claw with my lunch because it’s our last weekend living here in the apartment πŸ™ So it called for celebration!

And don’t the best writers do their work in a semi-drunken state?!

I finished up writing the web copy for my client and sent it off for approvals, replied to emails before the weekend and made a list for next week.

I still haven’t filed my tax returns for 2021….. It’s something I keeeeeep putting off and was supposed to complete today but oh well. Maybe Monday πŸ˜‰

Evening: I went for a run around the city, where I took in the Three Bridges views (that I will never get sick of!) and went down the canal towards the University of Limerick.

Go watch the All Gas No Breaks YouTube video on Fourth of July for a laugh..cry? WHITE CLAAAAAAAW

Staying Connected

I think it’s safe to say the theme for this blog post is trying to stay in tune with the ebbs and flows of the work week, life really. I’m very much trying to live as compassionately as possible, beating ourselves up over an unfinished to-do list gets us nowhere.

It makes it a lot easier though when you love what you do. A big part of that for me is working with clients that care, and I’m incredibly grateful to get to work with these kinds of companies

If you learned something new, or are a freelancer yourself and would love to either meet or have a chat online, get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!